Win with Humility, Lose with Grace, and Do Both with Dignity

November, 11, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

by: Ali Weiand, Director of Recruiting and Business Development

How does this apply to you the “Candidate” or you the “Employee”?

It has been an interesting election year to say the least and I know many friends and colleagues have very different views of whom they wanted to see in office.  After the results were in I spent a lot of time reading comments and posts in favor or against the newly elected president, all of which have given me great time to reflect.

One post that resonated with me was one that included an old and very wise saying that has been repeated time and time again, “Win with humility, lose with grace, and do both with dignity”.  I remember my parents and coaches burning that into our brains as young kids.  We learned that victory or defeat is an important part of how you play any game and you must learn how to handle both.

As an adult I have heard my fellow Moms and Dads complain  we are pushing our kids into a culture of unrealistic expectations and one that promotes an “everyone deserves a trophy” culture. What does this mean for us? I am forever grateful that I was taught early on that I don’t have to win every time and some of my losses were the greatest lessons in life.

So, upon further reflection, I starting thinking about how these words apply to everyday life and how this could help the industry we at SGC service and the clients with whom we work.

As a recruiting firm, part of our job is to prepare our candidates for interviews and to make sure they are equipped for the process. We walk them through the “follow up” process and the importance of preparation, respect and being grateful to be in consideration.  We are always rooting for our candidates and it can be a devastating blow when someone you know doesn’t get the job they so badly wanted, the one you so badly wanted them to get.  It is also difficult for our clients when a candidate is selected but chooses another opportunity. Here is where the “words of wisdom” come into play. I have seen candidates who handle the rejection quite well and others, not so much.  But here is the truth:  if you win with humility, lose with grace, and do both with dignity, these doors will forever be open.

Our workforce has changed so drastically over the last 20 years.  Everything changes.  Jobs change, management changes, and companies change.  Everything comes full circle and as difficult as rejection can be, I can encourage each one of you to handle the loss of a job interview well and with grace. I assure you this will come back tenfold.  Every loss is something gained and will only make you more prepared for the next opportunity.  Don’t shut down and don’t give up.

The same rule applies when you are working for a company.  Every position you take and every career decision you make is an opportunity to learn something, so be grateful for that.  If you decide to part ways with a company, do so with dignity.  Things may have gone awry and a difficult situation may have turned hostile but be grateful for the opportunity to move on and part ways with respect.  You will look back one day only to find that you gained something from that experience and in the heat of distress, your character remains intact and you walk away with no bridges burned and a clean slate.

These are the early lessons in the life that help shape who we are and how we handle situations in adulthood.  So I am hoping these words, words I am so happy to have stumbled across again, serve as a reminder as you take your next interview or new position or as you leave your current employer for your next opportunity!  And let’s remind our children of the same lessons we learned so that when they too are adults, they will be just as equipped as were.

“Win with humility, lose with grace, and do both with dignity”.


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