Whether you’re resigning, interviewing or relocating for a new job, it always helps to have guidance.

That’s why we’ve put together this resource guide for job seekers in the Central Pennsylvania area. We offer many of these tips to our clients looking for IT jobs.


Interview Guide for Job Applicants

Tips to follow for a successful and professional job interview. Click here for our interview guide to help you find your next position in Central PA.


How to Resign the Right Way

Tendering your resignation is never easy. You want to avoid burning any bridges. We offer advice on how to give notice in a professional manner, allowing you to stay on good terms with your soon-to-be former employer. Click here for our tips on resigning.


Resignation Letter Samples

Two examples to use as a template for your own resignation notice. Click here for those templates.


Area Relocation Information for Central Pennsylvania

Are you relocating to the Harrisburg region? Check out our list of resources to help with your move, including profiles of local cities with information about school districts, local real estate and population.

Use the cost of living calculator to figure out your living expenses for the Harrisburg, Lancaster and State College areas.

Click here to get started.

For more information that can help inform you about job etiquette, the Central PA region and Susan Graham Consulting’s unique culture, check out our blog.