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At Susan Graham Consulting, our core mission extends beyond just providing top-notch recruiting services. We are deeply committed to enhancing our community through regular volunteering and philanthropic initiatives in Central PA.
Are you a hiring manager currently on an exhaustive job search? Feeling as if you've run out of options and are growing frustrated? Here's why it might be time to ease your stresses by hiring a recruiting firm.
When you resign from your employer, more often than not, you will receive a counteroffer. While tempting, it is important to recognize it is only a temporary solution.
We’ve helped many job seekers find work in the Central PA region over the past decade. Whether you’re moving to the area for the first time or you’re hopping from a job in Lancaster to one in Hershey, the resources below will help you plan for your move and learn more about your new hometown.
Resigning can be nerve-wracking, but it is an essential part of the job process. Let us help you navigate this new chapter of your career by resigning without burning bridges and keeping relationships in tact.
If you have an interview scheduled, there's a lot to consider and prepare for. We're here to help with that, and sell yourself the most effectively to get your dream job.
Looking to beef up your resume with some invaluable IT certifications? Check out these seven IT certifications that hold great value and will be sure to set yourself apart from the rest.
We love to give back at SGC. These are 10 children's charities we love for giving back around the holidays, and beyond!
If you're tired of a day full of Zoom meetings, there's hope. Check out these simple ways to alleviate your Zoom fatigue.

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