Having a Hard Time Finding the Perfect Candidate?

Why your next move should be partnering with a recruiting firm.

You’ve lost an employee or you have experienced rapid growth. Months go by and your vacancy is dumping more and more pressure on your existing team. Not only does your team feel the pain, but so does your bottom line. Opportunities have been missed not having the right team in place. This ripple effect often goes beyond the pain of your department. We have all gone through this, no matter how large or small of a company you are. Because we’re pressured to fill the void, there is temptation to make quick hiring decisions that make the situation worse. Training and development of the wrong person can be exhaustive and costly and in just months you are back to square one.

A company’s strength comes from its employees making recruitment so critical. Your human resources teams and talent acquisition specialists are invaluable to your organization. They are often juggling everything from employee relations, compensation, candidate inquiries, all while attending daily meetings and handling the day-to-day. Recruitment is on their plates, but there is not enough time to have a concentrated effort for each position. We see it everyday, you run an ad and it takes countless hours to sift through resumes trying to differentiate the candidates. It is impossible to talk to everyone and you often rely on algorithms to give you the best.

As AI becomes a new way of life, the task and time needed to differentiate the candidate pool is going to be that much more challenging. Data is great in so many ways, but technology can’t replace people. Words on a resume won’t trump what you learn talking with candidates.

So, why partner with a recruiting firm and why pay the fees associated? Because there are positions your internal team may not have the time, expertise, or network to tap into. They aren’t able to invest the necessary resources to interview, qualify and disqualify the many applicants. They aren’t able to cast as wide of a net to grab the passive candidates who are the market’s hidden gems. It is just too big of an ask. Ultimately, the cost of the fee will be far less than the cost of leaving the vacancy open for months on end while settling for a sub par candidate.

With every search, we develop a marketing plan, tap into an extensive network of talent, and make calls to influential people in the industry, networking, gaining referrals, only to uncover the best candidates in the area. We dedicate our team and all of our resources to fill this role that is invaluable to your organization — doing so quickly & promptly, ensuring you have got the best fit. We don’t turn off our search until we find you the right candidate. We keep you informed every step of the way providing you with critical market intelligence that will help your organization remain competitive in the quest for top talent.

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