One Candidate At A Time

September, 06, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

Today marks our 10th year anniversary at Susan Graham Consulting.  This significant milestone kicks off a very happy week for us – one where we’re thinking about lots of cool statistics, unusual accomplishments, some interesting hires, and many conference room conversations and banter to keep us giggling for decades.  Most of all it’s an opportunity for me to thank more people than I could ever count.

We thought it would be fun to see how many people we’ve placed in jobs since September 6, 2006.  The first year was lean – with only two people providing enough revenue that late in the year  to enable us keep going into the next year.  Payroll was done by hand and using lots of google tutorials as I hadn’t even heard of Youtube yet.  Our database started as a very basic program put together with an “Access for Dummies” book.  There was no website for at least 6 more months so I had to reach out to my network to let them know I had hung out my own sign.  My parents were my bankers as no bank would even think of loaning me the money I needed for payroll back then.  My eldest daughter was just starting her freshman year of college so money was tighter for me personally than it had ever been in my entire life.  What was I thinking?!

In a blink of an eye (and many, many lessons learned as life went on…..) we find ourselves celebrating 10 years in business having placed just shy (to date) of 500 candidates in new jobs.  That makes us all very, very proud.


We have grown in so many ways since opening our doors on Sept 6, 2006.  We’ve added several recruiters, an office manager, and now we have banks calling US for business.  Our SGC family has earned awards and recognition for growing our business and earning the reputation, arguably, as the premier IT staffing Company in Central Pennsylvania.

We like to think of our achievement as A Decade of Growth, Achievement and Success… candidate at a time.  Thank you to our employees, our clients, and most of all to my SGC Family, for making such a difference to so many people.  Dedication, exceeding expectations, giving back.  That’s our Pledge.  And we look forward to the next 10 years!

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