Jessica Facchini-Gould

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. In my professional journey, I think the reason for everything was leading me right to SGC! The team welcomed me with open arms and I feel so fortunate to be a part of the SGC family.
Jessica Facchini-Gould, Marketing Specialist and Recruiter

I pride myself in my relationship development and cultivation skills, which I implement to be the recruiter that candidates deserve in this competitive job market. I spent 5 years working with people in the higher education development space. In that chapter of my career, I worked directly with alumni in donor and relationship cultivation efforts, as well as managed donor events and fundraising strategies. Needing a change, I saw an opportunity in recruiting in 2021, found my passion, and never looked back!

Being very type-A and analytical, I love how recruiting can be both a science and an art. Finding the perfect person to fit a niche position is like a treasure hunt, and I find it so fulfilling to be an integral part of someone’s journey of finding a career they genuinely love. Employer branding and a company’s marketing presence is so critical in this competitive era of recruiting, and I find joy in promoting the SGC brand to the masses with our marketing efforts. I have an MBA in in marketing as well, so it’s a craft I’ve dedicated much of my time to.

When I’m not working, I’m an avid traveler and try to see a new part of the world a few times a year. My favorite places I’ve ever been are Japan, Greece, Scotland, Colorado, and San Diego. Besides traveling, I love to experiment with new vegan recipes, take long walks around my city, read, garden, and spend time with my husband and rescue chiweenie, Peanut. I’m also an avid plant collector!

I love working at SGC because Susan truly cares about people, and that culture ripples through the rest of us. You’re not just a number to us! It is so rewarding to be a critical part of a candidate’s journey and help them find their dream job.

Contact me:

C : 732-890-7521

O : 717-533-4470 ext. 6

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