Eryn Williams

Very few people can say the first job they accepted out of college was a perfect match. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who can!
Eryn Williams recruiter

I started my journey with Susan Graham Consulting as an advertising intern upon entering into the final years of my education at Temple University. After my initial meeting with Susan and introduction to the business, I knew this was where I wanted to begin my career.

Susan is one of the most thoughtful and giving individuals I have ever known. She is incredibly caring for her staff and extremely generous to the community. The women who work for Susan are more than just employees to her. They are one big family. I quickly became a part of the SGC family, even as an intern.

I grew well-acquainted with SGC during my time as an intern, and I was honored to accept a full-time position as an IT Recruiter upon graduating from TU with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Account Management.

It did not take me long to realize the recruiting business is all about networking with people and building those connections into business relationships. The most rewarding part of my job is placing someone in a position they love. That rewarding feeling never goes away, not even after 10+ years in the business. I strongly believe that this industry is one of the most gratifying fields one can be a part of.

I am humbled and grateful to continue to build my knowledge base of the industry from the experience of people I believe are the very best in the business. I look up to every single one of the SGC ladies. I am looking forward to the continuation of expanding my knowledge of the recruiting industry and networking with many more individuals, finding the best opportunities for candidates years to come!

I found the path to my success in SGC; it would be my pleasure to help you find your success within SGC as well.

Contact me:

C : 717-991-5344

O : 717-533-4470 ext. 3

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