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Twenty years can go by in the blink of an eye, and it sure has for me. In 2001, I stepped foot into the recruiting world and an industry I knew very little about. I was immediately sucked in and it was an industry that came naturally to me.
Ali Weiand president

Growing up, I was always told I ask a lot of questions (too many sometimes), and I never leave a new conversation without getting the details!  I love getting to know people and that has proven to be what makes this industry a perfect match.  My recruiting hat is always on, no matter where I am or what I am doing; meeting new people and making connections energizes me. 

Since starting in the recruiting business, I have met so many wonderful people, interviewed thousands of talented individuals, and have represented many incredible organizations.  It’s those relationships that give me the passion for what I do every day.  I feel like I can make an impact, whether it is finding a better opportunity for someone and helping them navigate and prepare for a job search, or finding that perfect candidate for a company. Everyday offers the opportunity to make a difference.

In my early career I looked for opportunities and took positions within firms specializing in staffing, research and intelligence, and executive search.  Exposing myself to different companies gave me the opportunity to learn different industries while recruiting individuals across many verticals and filling roles from associate-level up to your C-suite executives. At that early stage in my career, I was a sponge. I was very much invested in learning how different firms operated, from daily processes to recruitment strategies, and how that impacted those we serviced. In 2010, I joined Susan Graham Consulting, and I haven’t looked back. When I first met Susan, I knew immediately I wanted to work for her. She had the same values and passion for people that I do, and an enthusiasm that was contagious. With a collective vision, Susan and I took all that we learned from our early recruiting days and worked to build a company approach that was different and unique, one that was fun and exciting, and one that will always have the best interest of our clients and candidates in mind. We love what we do, and we make sure that shines through to our customer experience.

Today, I am still in the thick of our daily recruiting and our efforts to further build SGC’s network of talent. I work very closely with our clients to ensure we understand what the right candidates look like so that our team provides the best fit. We see ourselves as an extension of every client we work with, ensuring we represent those with the highest degree of integrity.

When I am not working with our team here at SGC, I am “on the go” with my husband, our 3 boys and 3 dogs, running from one sporting event to the next.  I equate relaxation with being on the go (I can’t sit still), and I love spending any time I can outdoors swimming, hiking, kayaking, playing pickleball or failing at golf all while chasing after any new health and wellness trends that hit the streets!

Contact me:

C : 717-215-4936

O : 717-533-4470 ext. 2 

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