Sick of Zoom Meetings? Aren’t We All. Try These Simple Solutions to Zoom Fatigue.

Here’s something to think about: Even the Chief Executive Officer of Zoom, Eric Yuan, says he’s sick of holding virtual meetings. The head of the virtual meeting company recently told the Wall Street Journal that he couldn’t wait to get back to having in-person meetings with his staff after recently sitting through 19 (19!) Zooms in a row.

We’ve never had that many Zooms back to back, but we …

How to Create the Best Workspace at Home or the Office

When people were forced into home offices last spring, many weren’t sure how long it would last.

They worked from dining room tables or kids’ desks or even lounging back in their beds for months before realizing these weren’t permanent solutions. While it may be fun to work from the couch for a few days, an unsteady working environment can become a pain in the neck — sometimes quite …

Introducing Our 2021 Volunteer Challenge!

For as long as Susan Graham Consulting has been around (that’s more than 10 years now!), we have embraced the ethos of giving back. We all believe it’s the right thing to do, though all of us have different causes dear to our hearts and reasons for giving back.

We have seen how kindness can make the world a better place, and we love that. Everyone has gone through times …

Our Silver Lining in 2020

Oh, 2020.

What more can be said about this year that we all haven’t said at one point or another?

(I can tell you right now I’m counting down the MINUTES until we get to 2021!)

It was a rough one from start to finish, to put it in the simplest, nicest way possible. I don’t think any of us have ever experienced a year like this where so much …

6 Ways You Can “Be Better Every Day” at Work and at Home

There are a lot of things we can’t control right now. We can’t say when life will go back to “normal” or whether schools will be virtual or in-person in six months or if we’ll still be wearing face masks next summer.

But there is one thing we can always control, and that’s our attitude.

During hard times, it can be tough to maintain a positive attitude. We get it. …

15 Kind Things You Can Do for Your Co-Workers This Summer

2020 hasn’t been the year any of us expected. Many of us have adjusted to new situations and new expectations, which can be challenging.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the need to support our co-workers. If anything, that has gotten stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been thinking lately about ways we can help each other. At SGC, we believe practicing small kindnesses is a fantastic way …

Moving Forward in Hard Times: Talking With CPBJ’s Cathy Hirko

The global pandemic has changed the way we conduct our daily lives but also our business lives. We’ve been heartened to see how the small businesses around Central Pennsylvania are pushing forward. To get a big-picture view of the creative ideas and overall attitude of companies in the area, SGC reached out to Cathy Hirko, associate publisher and editorial director at Central Penn Business Journal, whose outstanding coverage …

Small Business Spotlight

From one small business to another…..we get it.  You are our friends, our family, our neighbors, and we are all in this together.  Your business has employed so many people we know and you have given back so generously to our community. 

We at SGC have spent time thinking how our small business can help other small businesses. One thing we have, as a company built on our relationships, is …

Why Right Now Is a Great Time to Enter the Health Care Industry

As recruiters, we work with companies and candidates across the health care, information technology and engineering fields, and more. We love hearing from the people we work with about the great things happening in their industries, so we decided to begin a periodic series on our blog about starting a new career. We’ll begin this month with health care.

From now until 2028, the health care industry will see an …

Unplug to Recharge – the Digital Detox

By Molly Graham

I can’t even begin to tell you how many diet fads are going on right now. It seems like there’s a new one every month or so. And while I’m all about living a healthy, balanced life, I’m pretty over hearing about Hollywood’s latest “tips and tricks” to make everyone lose their mind about how they look.

There is one “diet” trend to which I am particularly …