Talking Turkey

November, 18, 2014 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

This time of year gets crazy – no matter what industry you’re in. In our country Thanksgiving is billed as a holiday in which we gather with family and loved ones to enjoy a feast of traditional foods and old fashioned customs. For some people this moment of togetherness is bearable for about the length of the meal – 15 minutes. After the last bite of mashed potatoes and gravy is washed down with a glass of wine it’s off to plot out a plan of attack for Black Friday (which now starts on Thursday). The rush of the Holidays, at this point, is off to a shotgun start.
Time for a deep breath. Inhale…..HOLD……exhale. That didn’t help me one single bit.
I’m posting this blog a full 9 days before Thanksgiving yet the tune of “Christmas day is here….the most wonderful time of the year!” is playing on the radio in the background. It took me 15 minutes to find a parking spot at the King of Prussia Mall on Sunday. I don’t even have my Thanksgiving dinner grocery list composed yet still have geraniums blooming in my backyard.
This week I asked my team of recruiters what made them thankful in their jobs. Their answers wove a common thread that told me we are doing something right, and for that I am the one who is very grateful. What I learned most of all is we are one big extended family here at SGC and feel a bond with each other none of us has ever experienced working elsewhere. Here are some direct quotes:
“I am always thankful for the ways my co-workers speak into my life, whether it’s commiserating about parenting, congratulating on a hire, sharing with me how to do my job more effectively, forgiving me for not nailing down a detail about a candidate’s experience, or rewarding me for the work I’ve done with generosity beyond measure. A lot of what I want to be in my relationships outside of work, I see modeled for me inside the walls of SGC. That’s never been true anywhere else I’ve been employed.”
“Having a boss and coworkers who feel like family (and office dog too! ) and having the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the most successful, business savvy women in the IT Staffing industry.”
“ I am thankful to work with a team who believes in all of the same things, like positivity, care, compassion, and a desire to do the best for each other, our clients, and the people we represent.”
Thanksgiving may be feted annually with a celebratory feast, a paid day off, and lots of televised football. This year, after the dishes are done and the turkey is wrapped for tomorrow’s sandwiches, I will be giving my private thanks to my SGC team – every one of them my family. Happy Holidays!

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