Slow Down With Us at the Tutu 2K/5K

April, 05, 2018 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

We are always in a hurry.

And it’s not just us. We know you are, too.

You run to work, then you run to daycare to grab the kids after work is done. You run to soccer practice and run to meetings for the organizations you volunteer for. You run through the office to grab that important fax before your conference call, and you run from that conference call to the office-wide party for so-and-so’s retirement.

We’re tired of running. So what are we going to do about it?

We’re going to slow down by participating in a fun run.

Huh? You may be thinking. That doesn’t make any sense. You’re doing a run to stop the running?

Yes. But our aim in this particular run, the Tutu 2K Walk & 5K Run for Feel Your Boobies, is not to run as fast as we can.

It’s to slow down, for once, and appreciate what’s around us. During this run, we’re going at our own pace. We’re walking and talking. We’re taking in the sights. A few of us will take our dogs along (the race is pet-friendly!) and go at a speed you can only describe as “moseying.”

This is our adorable giveaway for the TuTu2K

This is our adorable giveaway for the TuTu2K

Life goes fast, and there’s no stopping that. But when you fail to take a few moments to enjoy it, you can feel overwhelmed.

We try to remember that here at SGC. We work hard for our clients, and we’re in the midst of some exciting expansions that are going to make our jobs even more rewarding — and yes, busier.

But if we don’t take a moment from time to time to enjoy it all, what’s the point? We got to talking about slowing down and decided the Tutu 2K, which we’re also sponsoring, offered the perfect chance to take a breather.

What could be more mindful than a 40-minute walk along a scenic route raising money for an incredible cause, alongside some of our favorite people? We have the April 14 date circled on our calendar, and we cannot wait.

We want to challenge you to join us in our rush to slow down.

It would be great to see you at the Tutu 2K — while registration is now closed, you can stand by the course and cheer us on at the back of the pack.

But you can also do this in your own daily life:

  • Maybe that means taking a lunch break instead of working through it at your desk.
  • Perhaps it means walking around the field with a friend while your kids are at soccer practice instead of rushing to get the grocery shopping done.
  • Or maybe for you it just means unwinding with Netflix after everyone else has gone to bed.

Find a way to slow down, and savor it. You’ll be back in the rate race soon enough. But those few minutes of downtime will help you refocus, reset and regroup.

We’ll see you in Hershey on April 14. Look for us at the back of the pack.

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