It’s Not Just a Number’s Game

June, 04, 2014 SusanGraham | Posted in: Jobs

Today the magic number is 27. Yesterday it was 22. Sometimes it dips to 10 or 12, but we don’t sleep well on those nights.

Twenty seven is the number of IT jobs we have today for which we are determined to find really great people. Our clients know we can do it and have trusted us to do it again. And again. Twenty seven times.

IT Recruiters are born of the same mold. We’re very competitive – fiercely so. We want to win every single time – place every single candidate. If we come in second in our business, we lose. We don’t like to lose. We are constantly working on our network so when job number twenty eight comes to us we are ready. And it will probably come today!

The recruiters at SGC recently took an assessment called Strengthsfinders to evaluate what it is each of us do best. We have a Strengthsfinders professional scheduled to spend a few hours with us evaluating our strengths and weaknesses, yet we already know what we love to do most of all. We are constantly working on our skills and gifts, which for all of us revolve around loving to work with people. Our clients feel that connection the minute we meet with them. Our candidates constantly tell us how different we are from our competition. We get to know them as people. We remember who they are, keep in touch with them throughout their career, let them know they are more than a paper resume to us.

We, recruiters at SGC believe in our core value: to find the best candidates for our client in a timely way, and to have fun doing it. Our little Recruiting Boutique in Hershey is actually a giant in our industry – just check out our website to see how busy we are, and sign up to get automatic updates when we post new jobs. You may not be looking for a new position, but we bet you know someone who is!


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