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York offers so many advantages for companies. Located close to the Maryland border, your firm can choose from the best talent Maryland and Pennsylvania have to offer. York boasts a number of industrial and manufacturing companies, though it may be best known as the birthplace of the Peppermint Patty and for housing the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame.

Companies listed on the NASDAQ make their home in York, as do smaller, family-owned companies looking to expand. York County encompasses many charming nearby towns, too, such as Red Lion, Spring Garden Township and East and West Manchester Townships.

York has opportunities for family fun around every corner. The York Revolution play right down the street from a plethora of great restaurants. The Strand Theatre has entertained guests for nearly a century, and the York Central Market draws visitors looking for farm-grown, organic options all year round.

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Is your company in York searching for new talent? Do you want to make your team more diverse and inclusive? The recruiters at Susan Graham Consulting can help. We have placed many candidates in this bustling market. We have assisted companies specializing in healthcare, information technology, engineering and more. SGC has the contacts and the talent to find the perfect fit for your business.

We get to know our candidates personally. We find out what makes them tick, and then we search for opportunities that will suit them as well as you. Discovering the right candidate can lead to a relationship that lasts for years and years. The better the fit, the more fruitful the long-term benefits, and we take it as a personal goal to match your York firm with people who will do the job and make pleasant, enjoyable employees.

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