Corporate IT Staffing Services in Harrisburg, PA

As a leading corporate tech employment agency in Harrisburg, PA, Susan Graham Consulting finds the right fit for your career or organization. We know the most successful business relationships are built on a foundation of expertise, trust and loyalty. From the moment you call us or walk through the doors of our corporate IT staffing service in the Harrisburg, PA, region, we’ll take you and your professional goals seriously — and we’re ready to help you create the right relationships to take your career to the next level.

Senior and Executive Roles in the Central Pennsylvania Region

At SGC, we know a lot of people. Our employees have worked in the area for decades. We have gotten to know the best employers around, and they trust us to find good candidates because we’ve done it before. As a local leader in IT recruitment, we have contacts at the smartest businesses in the central Pennsylvania region. Whether you need to staff a help desk or you’re seeking an opportunity that will get you the management or C-Suite experience you crave, we can help you realize those goals.

We begin with a face-to-face meeting where we’ll listen to your goals and assess your background. A resume alone can’t tell us whether you’ll fit in with the corporate culture at this or that company, which is why we meet you in person. We’ll be your biggest cheerleader and a loyal partner when it comes to finding the perfect professional fit. Along the way, we’ll also probably trade stories about our kids’ baseball games or talk about the latest episode of whatever’s on Netflix right now. Job hunting doesn’t have to be dreary. We make it fun.

You’re Ready for More

At SGC, we know you’re ready to discover the difference going local makes when it comes to launching a job search. Let use know when you’re ready to take the next step with SGC.