Full Time, Employee

Harrisburg, PA

The Project Manager (PM) directs, administers, manages and facilitates an enhancement, business process re-engineering or developmental project. The Project Manager is the individual ultimately responsible to the agency and project Sponsor. The Project Manager’s primary responsibility is to drive the entire effort from start to finish. The Project Manager must ensure that the project is completed on schedule, within the defined budget and that the final product meets the business, technical, and established quality requirements. The assignment to a project of a PM1, PM2, PM3, and PM4 will primarily be dependent on the size, complexity, target audience, the breadth and scope of the project.

Role Description:
Plans, directs, controls, and implements projects from their inception through implementation, following the Project Life Cycle methodology – Project Qualification through Project Closure.
A. The focus of this work is on those tasks associated with managing an IT project for its duration, which concludes soon after implementation is complete.
B. This work involves developing and managing a project plan; planning, defining, and managing project scope; creating a project schedule; planning resources and budgeting costs; developing a quality plan and performing and assuring quality control activities; defining staffing roles and responsibilities; developing and adhering to a communications plan; and identifying risks, preparing risk mitigation plans, and executing contingency actions.
C. At this level, the projects managed are the largest and most complex and are typically development projects involving multiple diverse business operations, are of an extended duration, account for significant impact on the total information technology environment within the affected agencies, and are critical in nature.
D. Work also involves directing the activities associated with the project of all employees and contracted staff assigned to, and for the duration of the project.
E. Work includes:
-Develops and adjusts estimates or ensures team leads adjust and revise estimates for all phases of the project including planning, analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation.
-Ensures project plan is approved by customer representatives and program stakeholders.
-Ensures changes to project estimates are documented and agreed to by the client.
-Develops the work breakdown structure and detailed project plan, and ensures all work tasks identified are completed.
-Develops, documents, and reports on all required project management metrics.
-Ensures adherence to project scope and documents changes.
-Manages project scope and gains agreement with customer representatives and stakeholders for any scope changes.
-Manages and tracks project progress against the project plan to ensure project is on schedule and takes corrective action if it is behind schedule.
-Prepares status reports for project team, program managers, stakeholders, and the governance board.
-Serves as the primary point of contact for all program-related issues and the resolution of those issues.
-Ensures the final project management evaluation review with appropriate stakeholders is conducted for approval upon project completion.
-Schedules or monitors project status reviews, including program management assessments, software quality assurance work products, and process reviews.
-Notifies and keeps project staff resources informed of project timelines, milestones, phases, work request target dates, and approved executable work package.
-Communicates and works with client and users.
-Coordinates and presents proposals to client.
-Identifies and manages project risk and develops risk mitigation strategies.
-Analyzes and distributes reports on project metrics associated with work items for improvement measures.
-Accountable for the final project management evaluation review with stakeholders.

Experience with formal project management methodology
4 year college degree or equivalent technical study
PMP Certification