Full Time, Employee

1. You have a Servant’s Heart. You dream of a world where communities pull together to help those in need. Your passion for helping others burns strongly night and day. When you hear stories of people struggling for survival because of a terrible cancer diagnosis, you want to help. You need an outlet for your passion to serve.
2. You are a Task Master. You are extremely well organized. No task nor follow-up activity gets past you. regardless of outside pressures, you remain calm and deliberately get things done. You accomplish more in one day than most people accomplish in one week.
3. You are a Planner and Organizer. You love to work from plans. And you are great at getting people to come together to rally around a plan. Your leadership skills help you get the most out of people. You energize them with your passion. You are tech savvy and use the latest tools to systematize your work.
4. You are a Great Communicator. You keep everyone informed of progress and setbacks. You present well to all types of audiences, from families with cancer, to board members of large foundations providing funding. Your writing is clear and concise.
5. Your judgement is impeccable. You are a critical thinker. You know how to prioritize complex work quickly. You make good decisions based on evidence, analysis, and good judgement.
6. You’re a big thinker. You see the big picture. Your ideas and solutions are clear and compelling. You’re a problem solver and creative leader. Your confidence enables you to glide smoothly from internal meetings to making presentations to potential funders.
7. Your work is your passion and calling. You wake up each day ready and excited to make things happen. You have passion and confidence because you know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds or thousands of families.
8. You have a sense for how to win. You’re entrepreneurial at heart. You know when to double down on big bets, and when to pivot.
9. Your role is critical. Our Operations Leader plays a critical role required for the achievement of our new, 2024 Vision. You will lead our efforts to diversify our revenue streams from big events to a blend of virtual and physical events, grants, and various donors.

1. Planning – Develop and implement the operating plan
2. Organizing –
a. compile all required information to ensure that each family application is complete and ready for consideration.
b. Schedule family calls including pre-calls to ensure adequate preparation for their “family call”
3. Administrating – track applicants, make phone calls, keep detailed records
4. Giving – issue Giant and Sheetz cards to families and maintain detailed records in automated system
5. Reporting – Produce key progress updates for funders
6. Collaborating – Support the team in developing strategic partnerships, running events, writing grants, supporting board meetings, and raising money
7. Running Events –
a. Chair all events and manage event operations by leading the Event Coordinator and Communications Manager
b. Lead efforts for end-to-end event management, including event vision, schedules, setup, tear-down, sponsors, donors, community groups
8. Leading Office Operations –
a. Lead volunteer and paid staff to accomplish the key goals laid out in the Operating Plan
b. Implement key technology systems to improve quality and efficiency
c. Design and run system for family payments
d. Handle phones and mail expediently