Full Time, Employee

Mechanicsburg, PA

Must have done a similar role at another nonprofit organization

  • Develop the Fundraising Strategy and Plan
  • Create a targeted list of potential sponsors and funders
  • Conduct direct mail, email, and social media campaigns to develop a pipeline of qualified opportunities.
  • Call prospects and secure “intro” meetings. Meet a monthly goal for number of intro meetings and assist in setting reasonable prospect and donor goals.
  • Meet a goal to have a certain percentage of Intro appointments advance to “Discovery” meetings through strategic selling principles.
  • Craft a proposal that helps the prospect achieve their business goals using the results of the Discovery meeting (e.g., Improve employee engagement by connecting to volunteerism and community service. Improve customer relationships and sales by strengthening brand awareness as a force for good in the community by partnering with VAF)
  • Prepare proper customer agreements and get signatures as required to officially make a sale.
  • Produce a sales pipeline report to share with leadership team and board.