Full Time, Employee

Harrisburg, PA

1. Be the senior most leader of the Design Studio, managing a 5-step process to produce high impact virtual learning journeys: Design, Produce, Publish, Run, Analyze.
2. Lead teams across dozens of projects and customers and deliver each finished course “masterpiece” on time, on budget, and on specifications.
3. Work with customers indirectly by working with Sales People and Project Leaders. You will not have direct customer management responsibility.
4. Directly assemble, manage and lead multiple “Learning Design Teams”, each consisting of a Learning Designer, a Graphic Artist, and a Video Editor. The assigned Learning Design Team works directly with subject matter experts that are either with a Customer (e.g. a Fortune 500 business leader SME), or a Partner (e.g. a University or Consulting company). The Design Studio has 3-types of customers:
• Customer – typically for custom courses that will be owned by the customer.
• Partner – typically for custom courses that will be owned by the partner. A course may also be jointly owned, and they will exclusively sell it without assistance.
5. Work with project tracking tools to produce reports for the Leadership Team. Reporting updates include:
• Financial – course cost analysis report (budget v. actual spend)
• People – utilization and quality ratings for each person and project
• System – process improvement designs