The Importance of 50

July, 15, 2014 SusanGraham | Posted in: Local Events, SGC

When my kids were in kindergarten, they came home from school with a homework assignment while they were learning how to count. On the 50th day of school they were told to bring in 50 ‘of something’. I remember counting out pennies, cheerios, gummy bears, toothpicks, and M&M’s. 50 was an important number, they learned. It is halfway to 100. There are 50 United States. Turning 50 usually means you have a special birthday party. Yes, 50 is an important number.

We learned the significance of the number 50 last week when Susan Graham Consulting was named to the Central Penn Business Journal’s “Fifty Top Fastest Growing Companies” in 2013.

According to the CPBJ, “Being described as a fast growing company puts the focus on top line results. Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. The Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies program recognizes 50 companies in the mid-state who have mastered the steps that result in strong revenue growth”.

And we are in good company as a local provider of IT jobs. Several of our esteemed clients have also made this years’ list:

WebpageFX, for one, who I’d like to commend for recently announced their FXBuilds program, whose goal it is to help fund a school in Guatemala.

Candoris Technologies, likewise, sponsors an orphanage in Haiti that houses 18 boys between ages 3 and 18. These leaders aren’t just growing their business and focusing on their profits.

These leaders are making a significant difference in our world and are setting an outstanding example of what can be done when you put a high priority of not just growing, but giving back.

At SGC we are very goal oriented. We set monthly and yearly goals, usually tied to how we plan to grow our business, how many people we plan to add to our team, how we can continue to do better. I think our 2014-15 goal will be how we can do 50 good things that will make a difference in our community, in our world.

Our list of 50 starts right now.

  1.  We are going to donate another scholarship to a student at Harrisburg University.
  2.  We’re scheduled to make dinner at the Hershey Ronald McDonald House with another of our clients next month.

That’s two toward our goal. 48 more benevolent projects won’t be hard and we are not going to take this pledge lightly. WebpageFX and Candoris certainly don’t.

We are very proud to be in their company. We know how hard they work. We understand firsthand how committed they are to finding the best people to work for them – to represent them in their efforts. We are honored to be recognized with this significant group of local businesses. We hope to be a reason for their continued success, and for them to be a reason for ours.

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