Glamour Shots

May, 25, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

We can’t be more excited about our 10th anniversary.  One of our goals this year is to update our website to look fresh and current.  It’s not as easy as it sounds!  This new look, it turns out, is taking hours of our time and even a little bit of our collective sanity.  Have you ever tried to take a picture of 5 women and have them all agree on what looks nice?  (hint: DON’T!)

We are a great team and have been complimented over and over on how our website represents “US” at SGC.  You will see our smiling faces on our home page – soon to be a beautiful new picture – that looks so effortless.  It reminds me of hearing how in making a film they can spend 10 hours filming a two-minute segment.  The rest ends up on the cutting room floor.  I’m beginning to understand why.

Our third attempt at getting a group photo is scheduled for next week.  None of our previous pictures have captured the more modern look we are seeking and we aren’t going to settle for less than perfection our third time at the studio.  My team has scoured website photos, Pinterest, offsite locations with cool backgrounds, even their own homes for that perfect location to do our shoot.

Then there’s clothing.  What to wear, you ask?  Ask five women that question and sit back and see what happens!  After about 26 hours of discussion, 17 emails, 11 text picture messages and more phone conversations than I can count, we decided on “the look”.  We want to appear coordinated but not look like we planned it.  We need our hair to be perfect (which means highlight appointments were rescheduled and haircuts postponed).   We can’t look too sunburned or too pale.  We stimulated the Harrisburg economy by shopping for new clothes, jewelry and accessories.  We’ve met twice with our new photographer, Amy.  We think we’re ready.

We can’t wait to announce our new website once our new pictures are in place.  You will see some really amazing content we’ve added including things like “Central PA Guide to Giving Back” and a “Job Seekers Resource Center”.    Our colors have been sharpened and our look has progressed to a current, updated site that still represents “US”.   And our list of current job openings is always changing.  We’re that busy.

In the meantime, please wish us luck as we tackle our third (and final) photo shoot next week.  We’ll be the group walking down the street in Hershey carrying upholstered chairs, benches and stools with bags of clothing flung over our shoulders, dragging suitcases of combs, brushes and make up to the studio down the street from our office.  I will make sure to have plenty of hair spray, chilled water and a tray of healthy snacks to keep us nourished as we spend hours getting that one perfect shot.  The date is set.  The props have been chosen.  Everyone’s hair looks great.  CHEESE!


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