If You Give A Kid Fifty Dollars…..

December, 11, 2015 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

Those of you who read my blog posts know I can’t speak highly enough of my staff, including their kids. I have somehow created a company and atmosphere that makes us feel more like family than any other place I’ve ever worked. My Administrative Staff’s children have been part of my business from day one, and nothing makes me happier than including them in some of our benevolent activities. They have all cooked at the Ronald McDonald House several times, but I decided to turn the end of this year into something special as we celebrate Christmas.

“What would the kids do if I gave them each money to give to someone else”?, I asked myself. It’s the Season of Giving, and certainly their 6 minds could individually or collectively come up with ideas I would never have thought. Their age range of 3 ½ to 14 years old would assure a variety of ideas, and I could turn this into an annual event. I eagerly stuffed my pocket with $50 bills.

We started the afternoon off making dinner, as we have in the past, at the Hershey Ronald McDonald House. As these kids have gotten older they are able to do more and more cooking without supervision. I even had one bright girl volunteer to figure out the math in order to make 108 servings of something that had many ingredients. I saw her swiftly putting numbers over X to figure out fractions as I went back to stirring something on the stove. I let her think I knew how to do what she was doing. HA!  Katie Math2

When we left the kitchens the kids were treated to dinner at Sorrento’s, a neighborhood restaurant where I knew our invasion wouldn’t disrupt other diners. This hungry bunch devoured their pizza, salads, mozzarella sticks and French fries – a far cry from the healthy dinner we left behind at the Ronald McDonald House! Then it was time to see what they did with their loot.

One by one each of them sat in a chair next to me and read what they had written about how they chose to spend their fifty dollars. One gave his to a needy family at church; another gave his to a horseback riding program (CATRA) helping those with special needs. One donated hers to an organization (Orange for Owen) who educates people to not be distracted (texting) while driving. And how cute was it to think of giving someone $50 so they could take their family to see the Hershey Sweet Lights thinking “not everyone can afford to do that”. To say I was humbled after listening to these young voices share their stories with me….well…..I couldn’t have been more proud. Susan and SGC kids

What I learned about these kids is their hearts are full and their parents have taught them well. I couldn’t have asked for more touching, meaningful ways for them to spend their fifty dollars. The hand written notes they offered me describing their donations will be kept in the box of my most special treasures. And just like that, a new tradition is born.

Movie of kids 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all of us at SGC!

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