Embracing the Growth Mindset

September, 29, 2019 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

It started, as so many good things do, on a whim.

On a doorway at our office in Hershey, Susan began measuring the height of the children who came in with their parents who worked for her. It became just another thing we did at SGC, like keeping a box full of toys in Susan’s office for the kids to play with during out meetings.

The earliest marks on the doorway date back to 2013. You can see new kids added to the growth chart as new employees joined our team. The names crept higher and higher up the doorway. By last year, Susan couldn’t even reach high enough to measure the tallest kid.

As we packed up the desks and chairs and tables in our office last month to make the move to the West Shore, after more than a decade in Hershey, we all looked at the doorway growth chart in wonder. Who knew that it would get so big? Who could have guessed how high it would go?

The same might be said about SGC, actually.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve grown, too. When Susan started Susan Graham Consulting, she worked out of her home with little more than a phone and a Rolodex (remember those things?! Our kids definitely do not!).

SGC took off, slowly. Susan knew her vision required special, dedicated people, and she was in no hurry to get bigger. SGC expanded organically, adding people who fill our niches perfectly. Their kids became part of the SGC family.

With growth comes the need to make changes. Our move to an office in Camp Hill represents a new phase for SGC. We’re growing faster than we ever thought possible, but not so fast that we give up the things that give us our identity.

We continue to offer the same close relationships with our clients and our candidates. We still believe personal connections are the key to making a great placement. We love finding new ways to help our clients and make their jobs easier.

Every day, we try to do things better than we did the day before and be open to new ways of thinking. Our kids call this a “growth mindset”—that’s what they teach them in school. And that’s what we want for our business. We believe there’s always room to grow, without sacrificing anything that makes us unique.

Our new hires have grown 20 percent in the first half of this year, and we anticipate that will increase as 2019 continues. Our goal is simple: We just want to make people happy. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

Susan has always believed you should enjoy what you’re doing. We’re definitely enjoying our new office, our new view out our new windows—and our new doorways, which are ready to start collecting measurements.

Thank you for growing with us. We can’t wait to start making new memories in Camp Hill.

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