How SGC Goes the Extra Mile to Exceed Expectations for Our Clients and Our Staff

A few years ago, when we were throwing around different ideas for our company motto, Susan suggested adding something that reflected SGC’s unparalleled commitment to doing things the right way. We batted around many different ways to explain what we do, until finally she suggested two small words: “Exceeding expectations.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Why just achieve when you can exceed? That phrase has come to mean something special to all the employees at Susan Graham Consulting, guiding us through our everyday tasks and encouraging us to focus not just on delivering the best results for our clients but also bringing them even more than they expected.

Exceeding expectations is what we’re all about, whether it’s taking the time to talk to a client about a detail we want to get right or challenging our employees to give back with their time when they are off the clock. We believe there’s no such thing as setting the bar too high when you consistently clear it.

Exceeding Expectations for Our Clients

Doing “just enough” has never been enough for Susan or Ali, our Director of Recruiting │ Business Development. Driven by the desire to not just satisfy our clients but to truly help them and act as a partner, we always go beyond what they expect.

We screen candidates thoroughly and learn from every interaction with managers and C-level executives. It certainly doesn’t hurt that we enjoy each step of this process!

Exceeding Expectations for Achievement

Susan has kept her team small intentionally, allowing us to work together and provide personalized, individual assistance to all of our clients. She is just as selective in her hiring as we are when finding candidates for the IT, health care, engineering and construction businesses we work with in the Central PA region.

This selectivity has allowed Susan to establish a team that gets things done—in a big way. Our recent selection as a finalist for Central Pennsylvania Business Journal’s 2018 Business of the Year, despite our very small size compared to others in the 1-50 employees category, reflects that hard work and dedication of our employees. We couldn’t be prouder of our team.

Exceeding Expectations for Growth

When Susan started the company in 2006, she had one employee — herself — and a head full of ideas. Little did she know how high those ambitions would take flight.

More than a decade later, SGC has produced years of sustained growth. In fact, we’ve been recognized by CPBJ as one of the area’s fastest-growing companies for years now.

Exceeding expectations? You bet. We wouldn’t have it any other way.