Certified Nurses Day and 25 Other Fun Holidays to Celebrate This Year

March, 18, 2022 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

We love the random holidays that pop up on social media unexpectedly. We’ll join people in celebrating Hug Your Pet Day, National Daughters Day, National Pancake Day — we enjoy them all. Sometimes they’re silly. Sometimes they’re poignant. And sometimes they give us a chance to salute people who deserve recognition.

This year, we’re especially excited about March 19 — Certified Nurses Day. The past two years have reminded us just how incredible those in the healthcare profession are, and certified nurses have been on the frontlines throughout that time, providing exceptional care.

Why is their day celebrated on the 19th? That’s the birthday of Dr. Margretta “Gretta” Madden Styles, RN, EdD, FAAN, who oversaw the first major study of nurse credentialing more than 50 years ago. She promoted the importance of creating standards for nurses and encouraging their credentialing to improve the care offered to patients.

So tell your favorite certified nurse (or any CN you encounter!) “thank you” for their hard work and incredible devotion to their patients.

And get ready to celebrate these additional 25 fun holidays throughout the year!

1. March 25

International Waffle Day: Make it a breakfast-for-dinner kind of day.

2. April 7

National No Housework Day: Now there’s a holiday we know how to celebrate!🤣

3. April 10

National Hug Your Dog Day: We hug our dogs every day, but we squeeze extra tight on this day.

4. May 5

World Password Day: Use this day to reset all your passwords, as you should once every few months.

5. May 9

National Third Shift Workers Day: Working on a different schedule than others can be trying. Tell your third-shift friends or co-workers they’re doing amazing!

6. May 21

National Waitstaff Day: Go out to lunch and leave an extra-big tip today.

7. June 1

National Say Something Nice Day: We try to do this every day, but it’s always good to have a reminder.

8. June 18

International Picnic Day: There’s nothing more picturesque than a picnic in late spring.

9. June 23

International Women in Engineering Day: Another day to celebrate some of our incredible job candidates!

10. June 30

National Work From Home Day: Not as uncommon as it used to be, but still a great benefit to those who want flexible working arrangements.

11. July 7

World Chocolate Day: Indulge in a piece (or three) today.

12. July 17

National Ice Cream Day: Find a place you’ve never gone before and order an extra scoop.

13. July 25

National Hire A Veteran Day: A fantastic idea every day.

14. Aug. 7

National Friendship Day: Call or text a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

15. Aug. 16

National Roller Coaster Day: Hersheypark has some exciting ones!

16. Aug. 30

National Beach Day: Whether you prefer Stone Harbor, Rehoboth or another fun beach, it’s a good day to go to the shore.

17. Sept. 2

National Food Bank Day: Donate to one of our local ones, like New Hope Ministries, where SGC has volunteered.

18. Sept. 20

National IT Professionals Day: We sure love our IT professionals who work for SGC!

19. Sept. 25

National Daughters Day: Susan will be celebrating her two incredible daughters today.

20. Oct. 1

International Coffee Day: Take an extra moment to savor your morning cup of joe.

21. Oct. 17

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day: Everyone could benefit from cleaning off their (virtual) desktop.

22. Nov. 2

National Stress Awareness Day: Take some deep breaths or listen to a meditation.

23. Nov. 17

National Take a Hike Day: A brisk fall day is the perfect time to hike.

24. Dec. 5

International Volunteer Day: Find a good cause and sign up to help out.

25. Dec. 15

National Wear Your Pearls Day: Because life is too short to save the pearls for “special” days. Wear them today (and every day).

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