One Candidate At A Time

September, 06, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

Today marks our 10th year anniversary at Susan Graham Consulting.  This significant milestone kicks off a very happy week for us – one where we’re thinking about lots of cool statistics, unusual accomplishments, some interesting hires, and many conference room conversations and banter to keep us giggling for decades.  Most of all it’s an opportunity for me to thank more people than I could ever count.

We thought …

Why We Love the Olympics (And Your Business Should, Too)

August, 11, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

rioWe have been carried away by the Olympic spirit here at Susan Graham Consulting. Every night at 8 p.m., you can find us plopped on our couches, cheering on the red, white and blue. (And, okay, occasionally we check in on the events at work, but Susan is cool with it, we swear!)

Everyone at SGC has their favorite events.

Eryn loves watching swimming and gymnastics, two events where the …

How to Hold a Successful Conference Call

July, 26, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

A few months ago, someone in the office stumbled on this YouTube video about conference calls. We couldn’t stop laughing.

It depicts what a conference call would look like in real life. The video includes all of the blunders you might encounter on one of these virtual meetings, from the dropped call to the dreaded “am I the only one on here” to the guy whose dog starts barking in …

Glamour Shots

May, 25, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

We can’t be more excited about our 10th anniversary.  One of our goals this year is to update our website to look fresh and current.  It’s not as easy as it sounds!  This new look, it turns out, is taking hours of our time and even a little bit of our collective sanity.  Have you ever tried to take a picture of 5 women and have them all agree …

Celebrating Our 10-Year Milestone

April, 04, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

milestones Ten years.

Ten years ago, Daniel Craig made his first appearance as James Bond.

The first “Cars” movie was released.

“American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars” were the most popular shows on television.

People had just started using a little online video site called YouTube.

Smartphones were but a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ eye.

Also in 2006, with little more than a phone and a computer, I started this …

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Giving Back in Central PA

March, 16, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

RMHAt Susan Graham Consulting, we feel strongly about giving back. We feel so strongly about it, in fact, that we made it a part of our mission statement.
And now we’re proud to give you something that we hope can help others get just as involved as we are. We call it The Ultimate Guide to Giving Back in Central Pennsylvania, and we just published it on the …

Best Restaurants for Business Lunches in Central Pennsylvania

February, 19, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

lunch in central paPart of a recruiter’s job is meeting with candidates and clients, and a great way to do this is getting together for a bite to eat. You can learn a lot about a person over a hamburger – but luckily, with all the great lunch spots around Central PA, you can enjoy a lot more than just a burger as you talk business.

We’ve put together a list of our …

10 Surprising Job Hunt Statistics

February, 12, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

job hunt art 2Most job hunters have spent a considerable amount of time pouring over want ads. But what would you say if we told you 80 percent of jobs are never even advertised?

That’s just one of the interesting things we found when we went searching on the web for things you need to know during your job hunt. Here are 10 surprising job hunt stats to consider as you embark …

It All Started With A Chair

January, 07, 2016 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

2016 is a significant year for SGC. It will be our 10th year anniversary in September and this milestone will not go without a proper celebration. And to think it all started with a chair.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Typically one starts a new venture with a business plan. A new business needs seriously thought out structure including goals and budgets, forecasts and revenue predictions. Where would …

If You Give A Kid Fifty Dollars…..

December, 11, 2015 SusanGraham | Posted in: Featured Post

Those of you who read my blog posts know I can’t speak highly enough of my staff, including their kids. I have somehow created a company and atmosphere that makes us feel more like family than any other place I’ve ever worked. My Administrative Staff’s children have been part of my business from day one, and nothing makes me happier than including them in some of our benevolent activities. …