He Accepted our Rose

July, 22, 2014 SusanGraham | Posted in: Local Events, SGC

I’m not into Realty TV. OK – I occasionally watch Long Island Medium, trying to figure out if Teresa Caputo can really connect with loved ones who have passed. I’ve watched an episode (or two) of Sister Wives trying to figure out WHAT really goes on in that family. I’ve never watched Honey Boo Boo and have never met anyone who does. This season – however – I broke down and watched The Bachelorette. Yes, I confess. I was in control of the remote on Monday nights.

One of my dear friends’ sons was one of the “Bachelors” this season. I’ve known Brian since he was an infant. “It all started as a joke”, he told me. He is a basketball coach at Trinity High School in Camp Hill, PA but he made his public debut this season on a TV show that has made him a National star. He is such a nice, normal kid – so nice that if you google his name you will see he is now known as the most down to earth of all the Bachelor’s to date. This comes as no surprise to me as I know how he was raised – by wonderful parents who taught their kids how to keep their heads together, be respectful, and always stay grounded. But Andi (this season’s Bachlorette who picks her Bachelor very soon) missed her chance and didn’t give Brian a rose a few episodes ago, so Brian is no longer a contender. Her loss is our gain.

Brian approached me about possibly becoming a recruiter with my company. We met at Panera Bread a few weeks ago where he was instantly recognized by customers no matter how discreet we tried to be; ah, the life of a famous person – even temporarily. We discussed his love of athletics and agreed he could remain a basketball coach – his first love – while working for SGC. I didn’t ask him for his autograph or a selfie. We left with Brian needing to think it over.

I always have new hires meet with my Team before joining my company. This allows everyone to let their hair down and take me through the proverbial shredder.

  • “She can be disorganized”
  • “She really does let us think about this as our own company”

At SGC we put the good and the bad, out on the table for our new hires.

It is amazing how fast I got three female members of my Team to agree on a time and place to take Brian to lunch. It was like asking them to volunteer to go on a date with “The Bachelor”. Oh…..I guess they did.

The consensus was obvious as my cell phone went berserk as they all drove home from their lunch meeting. Brian could have had a bag over his head during their interview and they STILL think he’s going to make an awesome recruiter. They are going to make sure of it.

Sure. It won’t hurt that Brian is a localBrian Osborne celebrity who will bring immediate interest to our company. The fact women will be googling his name and landing on our website doesn’t bother me at all. He may even continue to be interviewed and might mention he is now a recruiter with SGC (his LinkedIn page already says so). I can’t tell you that would be hard to take – it certainly is a huge plus.

Most of all, I think it’s really cool we hired a wonderful young man who has had a life experience that makes him even more interesting than he was several months ago. As I said, I’ve known Brian since he was a baby. He has ALWAYS been the kind of young man I’d want to have working for SGC. He’s going to fly out of the starting gate and we’re going to have a lot of fun with him and his stories. Likewise, he’s going to enjoy our lively team who is so excited about him joining the SGC family.

Sorry, Andi. You passed over the nicest Bachelor on your show. But that’s just fine with us.

He took OUR rose.


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