Josh Weiland

Josh Weiand

Senior Account Executive│Engineering & Construction Division

Phone: 717-364-7810


Like many, my career path has not been a straight one! Upon graduating from Penn State with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, I did what one would tend to do — I took a position as a Consulting Engineer. Over the years, my path has led me from the engineering field to construction and even to sales.

To say that my opportunity with Susan Graham Consulting is a unique one would be an understatement. I have known Susan for the better part of six years, and she never ceases to amaze me. Along with being one of the most giving and compassionate people that I have ever met, she has exemplified to me what it means to be a successful business owner. When she approached me about helping Susan Graham Consulting expand into new arenas, I was extremely humbled and excited.

As a Senior Account Executive for Susan Graham Consulting, my goal is to grow into the Engineering and Construction markets. I will utilize my local contacts and connections to find our clients the most top-notch talent. My past experience will enable me to effectively communicate with not only candidates but also with our clients. It is my belief that having the clearest understanding of the positions that you are asked to fill is the most effective way to do so.

My life is already full with my three active boys and my wonderful wife, Ali, SGC’s Vice President. I feel that it is also now complete from a professional aspect as well. I am excited to see what the future brings for Susan Graham Consulting, and I am grateful to be a part of it all.