The Ultimate Guide to Giving Back in Central Pennsylvania

Everyone at Susan Graham Consulting is very active in giving back, and we know many of our clients and job seekers are as well. We’ve even volunteered with many of you!

We’ve put together this guide to giving back in the Central PA area to help you find the very best place for you to offer your assistance, highlighting a few of our favorites.

Whatever your preferred way of giving back, you can find out how to do it here.




Ronald McDonald House

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I don’t golf.  It’s a handicap (pun intended) in my industry, but I’ve learned how to make myself useful at golf tournaments without ever having to get in a cart.  That said, I knew I needed a way to bond with my clients in a more personal way outside of the golf course.  Giving back to the community is so important to me and often I hear people want to help but they don’t know where start.  I thought “what better way to get to know my clients than to invite them to cook dinner with us at the Ronald McDonald House!”.

I have been a supporter of the Hershey Ronald McDonald House since they opened in 1983 when I served as their first Volunteer Coordinator. I made the decision early on with my business to commit to making dinner there on a bi-monthly basis as a way to give back to the community while getting to know my clients on a personal level. Best of all, without even realizing it, SGC has led the local Information Technology community to a wonderful organization who, in turn, has gained a greater pool of volunteers from the clients SGC has invited to dinner. We have not only had the pleasure of inviting clients but we have included people we have known forever in the IT community to support us in some of our volunteer activities.

Here are the pictures of our team taken during a typical afternoon preparing dinner as well as during our popular annual “Cupcake Challenge.” If you’d ever like to join us, give us a call!