Colleen Condran

Senior Recruiter

Phone: 717-215-7479

Email: ccondran@susangconsulting.com

I may be the newest member of our team, yet I already feel like I have always been a part of the SGC family. I have a staffing background, have worked for a casino (though I’m not a gambler!), and am enjoying the change in recruiting working with candidates in the Information Technology & Construction fields. 

I really love recruiting and think it’s like putting together a puzzle – you start with one piece and keep adding to it until the puzzle is complete. Sometimes you can put it together easily while other times you go back to the table and work on it little by little. The end result is always such a happy one! One of the greatest feelings in my role as a Recruiter is talking to people I’ve never met – getting to know them from the beginning and working with them throughout their job search. Placing them in a great role is the greatest feeling!

I have two children and a naughty mini goldendoodle puppy (Rose). My bucket list includes going on a trip to Ireland to trace my ancestors’ roots. (and I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind a tour of the Guinness factory!) I LOVE football – Notre Dame and the Eagles. Some day I plan on returning to my favorite vacation spot – Maui.

They say timing is everything, and I’m living proof of that mantra. SGC was looking to add another recruiter just when I was ready to make a change in my previous role. 

I look forward to helping all of my candidates with their timing as they look to make career changes of their own. It couldn’t have worked out any better for me!