Mission Accomplished!

May, 09, 2019 SusanGraham | Posted in: Uncategorized

In my role as a recruiter and business owner I meet people for lunch almost every day.  Networking is my life and I have enjoyed some pretty great meals along the way!  Surprisingly, my lunch this week at Mission BBQ in Harrisburg was something I will never forget.   And it had nothing to do with the many flavors of sauce they place on each table!

What I DIDN’T know about Mission BBQ when I arrived is this restaurant is not only passionate about making great BBQ, they are even more passionate about their patriotism of our country.  They state on their website how they do what they do for the love of our soldiers, firefighters, police officers, first responders, and all our loved ones in service.  This is evident the minute you walk into their restaurant where there are symbols, signs, arm patches, etc. honoring every branch of service, on a national and local level.

What I still can’t believe is what I witnessed at 12:00 noon, after I had placed my order and was waiting for my name to be called.  At exactly noon, an announcement, of sorts, came over the loudspeaker for everyone to turn their attention to the large American flag in the dining area.  Everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing – including every person working in the kitchen, at the registers, and in line waiting to order, and turned to this large flag.  While everyone was standing with their hand over their heart, our National Anthem began to play. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing.

Not a soul in that restaurant ignored this amazing act of respect for our Nation.  I kept thinking “everyone needs to see this”!  Every democrat, republican, independent, young, old, etc. etc. acted as an American.  We were all on the same page, saluting our great flag.

It was an absolute honor for me to be part of this salute, and I will tell everyone I can to head to Mission BBQ for this experience.  Don’t forget to bring extra tissues…..you may need them to dab at your eyes from the emotion you will feel (or the BBQ sauce on your sticky fingers) at this great establishment.



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