Full Time, Employee

Harrisburg PA

Role Description: This position reports directly to the Data Collection and Reporting Section Chief. This position is vital for the maintenance and upkeep of the SAMS administration tables, access of authorized users to SAMS and OMNIA and integrity of the databases.

The work this person will perform is critical to the quality assurance efforts of this Division to maintain the integrity of the information in the database and the credibility of reports used to monitor the amount, type, cost, cost savings and effectiveness of services to over 250,000
consumers yearly. It is also necessary to ensure the security of the information in the database and preservation of productivity of over 4,000 users.

In addition, this position also is responsible for the development and maintenance of PDA program dashboards, data integrity monitoring, development of maps using mapping software to present PDA programmatic data, and reporting and data analysis support to the Protective
Services Office.

There are four primary responsibilities of the person in this position:

1) Ensure that the SAMS Administration Tables are kept accurate and up-to-date by entering the appropriate information as requested through the Agency’s User Resource Email Account or as assigned by the Section Chief or State Administrator through the Section Chief.

2) Provide reporting, data analysis support, and other related system efforts to Protective Service Office.

3) The maintenance of dashboards to track and provide detailed information to both internal and external stakeholders.
4) The maintenance of GIS related mapping software services and related datasets to ensure accurate geographical analytics and report outputs.


On a daily basis, this position will in a prescribed timely manner:

• Obtain, review, assign, and file appropriate system log-in credentials
• Obtain review, and assign appropriate system roles and privileges
• Log into the SAMS database and document information in the appropriate consumer records
• Review and determine specific services associated with the correct provider and unit cost for service planning
• Access new subservices, user fields, activities and referrals, topics, reasons, and outcomes, with their correct associations and as requested by the network or PDA/OLTL program staff

This person will also:

• Create, update, and maintain Protective Service related reports utilizing such software as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access
• Participate in the design of the dashboard alert system
• Oversee the pilot and proof of concept of the dashboard alert system among the AAA workgroup
• Implement any changes or enhancements revealed as necessary by the pilot
• Oversee the implementation of the dashboard alert system across the network of 52 AAAs serving 67 counties in Pennsylvania
• Extract the necessary data from SAMS and upload the data to the dashboard alert system each morning
• Administer the dashboard alert system by approving user credentialing, conducting training and performing any necessary maintenance
• Review monthly maintenance reports and notify AAA Directors, SAMS Administrators, and Program Office staff of significant data entry issues
• Assist with testing various aspects of the SAMS and OMNIA software in preparation for new updates or upgrades
• Serve as backup for incoming requests for systems and/or report related assistance
• Assist in the development and implementation of the Web Intake Report of Need
• Design, test, and maintain reports related to the Web Intake Report of Need
• Assist in the development and implementation of a geographical information system
• Design, test, and maintain geographical related datasets, reports, and other various outputs

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1) Add new subservices, user fields, activities and referrals, topics, reasons and outcomes, with their correct associations, as directed by the Section Chief or State Administrator through the Section Chief.

2) Assist Program Offices in using reports and analysis to focus remediation efforts and identify systems issues.

3) Assist with the testing of software by reviewing the privileges after an upgrade or administration table update and comparing them with the original series of privileges to ensure none were changed during the process that were not intended to be changed.

4) Notify the Section Chief or State Administrator of conflicts or issues with the information requested and the information in the database.

5) Receive, review, and complete requests for SAMS Users and/or Providers in accordance with IT security standards and related best practices.

6) Create and maintain various Protective Services reports within Crystal Reports and/or Microsoft Excel.

7) Update and maintain Agency dashboards through Tableau, iDashboards, or similar product.

8) Utilize mapping software (ESRI-ArcGIS or similar product), update and maintain geographical system datasets and outputs, and produce maps of PDA Programmatic data.

9) Perform other related duties as required.

Essential Requirement: This position will be part of a team whose main function is to provide material to legislators, the administration, PDA/OLTL program staff and the Aging and Under 60 Network. The Bureau of Quality Assurance provides this information on the quantity, quality, type, cost and timing of services provided to consumers so these entities can make informed decisions about budgeting, funding, day-to-day operations and to maintain quality control.

• The candidate for this position must possess exceptional attention to detail, functional experience with all aspects of Microsoft Office, relational databases, and reporting and mapping software applications such as Crystal Reports, ArcGIS.
• The candidate must also possess good communication skills, the ability to work independently, desire to learn new programs, and work well within a team environment.


For more information about this position, an SGC representative will be in touch immediately.