Full Time, Employee

Augusta, Maine

We have an immediate opening for a Rebate Accountant. The Rebate Accountant will be a full-time professional with a minimum 4 year accounting degree, but preferably a 5 year degree with auditing.  Requires 5 years or more work experience in a staff accountant position or higher and preferably with audit experience. Duties include, but are not limited to, all aspects of financial reporting, cash receipts management, preparing and maintaining documentation of accounting processes, and coordinating various audits. Desirable characteristics include:

Financial Reporting – Recurring

  • Establish and maintain a professional relationship with key financial personnel at the State.
  • Track and maintain all financial reporting requirements.
  • Prepare various financial reports, allowing time for review.
  • Prepare clear and concise work papers to support financial reports, where applicable.
  • Perform analytical review on all financial reports. Inquire or research significant items.
  • Submit all approved financial reports by the due date, to the appropriate recipients.
  • Respond immediately to State’s questions of any items on any financial reports.
  • Maintain any documentation relating to the preparation/review/delivery of financial reports and work papers.
  • Submit JIRA work tickets for report issues.
  • Design new reports, as needed.
  • Where applicable, design/implement/maintain controls to ensure financial reports have 100% accuracy.


Cash Management

  • Maintain awareness of cash receipts volume and provide cash posting backup as needed to staff.
  • Maintain professional relationship with the lockbox/bank contacts.
  • Investigate and conclude on cash receipt issues (ISF, Wrong payee, etc.).
  • Advise staff re: unusual bank/check items for appropriate accounting treatment.
  • Review monthly cash reconciliation prepared by Staff.
  • Prepare quarterly cash reconciliations.
  • Where applicable, design/implement/maintain controls to ensure cash receipt posting approaching 100% accuracy.


Audits and Accounting Controls

  • Coordinate any audits with State personnel in a professional manner.
  • Work directly with the Senior Audit person, funneling all requests and deliverables, responding to requests in a timely manner.
  • Understand exactly what is being requested and provide only accurate, complete documents.
  • Store all electronic documents received or provided in a unique file.
  • Provide control or efficiency recommendations to the State where appropriate.
  • Provide audit advice or explanations when requested by the State.
  • Attend State meetings with the OIG re: OIG audit findings.
  • Act as liaison between the State and the OIG when requested.


Non-Recurring Financial Reporting

  • Perform complex analysis of historical and current rebate accounting performed by the state to reconcile and correct their records, if applicable.
  • Provide any ad hoc financial reporting that is requested, either internal or external customers.
  • For reports to be built for the State, determine who the users are and determine whether the report as requested will meet the users’ needs. Advise or adjust report requirements accordingly.
  • Review financial reports prepared by non-financial staff to ensure they are presenting in an appropriate and professional manner, and not contrary to standard financial reports.
  • Contribute to the financial sections of the State’s Annual Report, if applicable.
  • Review any financial sections prepared by others to ensure they are presenting in an appropriate and professional manner, and not contrary to standard financial reports.


  • Model professional behavior.
  • Share all knowledge with both internal and external customers in a manner that enables them to understand accounting at whatever level they desire.
  • Be available to provide the Rebate Manager anything requested.
  • Respond to all email requests from either internal or external customers in a timely and professional fashion.