Full Time, Employee

Harrisburg PA

The Product Specialist is the expert for a technical development or execution environment product or set of products. The primary responsibility of a Product Specialist is to ensure the availability and facilitate the productive use of a product for Application Teams or end users. The Product Specialist may own part of a product, all of one, or several products depending on the nature of the product(s) and their use. The Product Specialist requires significant to expert experience and skills in the product supported. The Product Specialist will usually also have significant experience in the operating environment(s) (e.g., HP/UX, NT, MVS, etc.) on which the product is implemented. If the product is one that was internally developed, the supporting PS should also have most of the skills of a Programmer. The Product Specialist is responsible for collaborating with Technical Architecture Specialist, System Specialists, Programmers and vendors to ensure and enhance the use of the product and effect migration to new versions of a product.

Role Description:
• Delivers support and design for industry specific applications that require integration with statewide systems or applications.
• Interacts with executive level business users or technical experts.
• May function as a niche SME.
• Demonstrates expertise in teaching/conveying technical and/or functional courses/concepts.
• Develops appropriate work programs/budgets and use to effectively schedule tasks/assignments.
• Identifies improvements to project standards to achieve high quality services/products.
• Actively contributes as an expert or actual designer.
• Coordinates product design reviews to verify that design meets quality standards and functional/technical requirements.
• Provides accurate estimates for design and programming efforts for system changes and enhancements.
• Coordinates enhancements to business and logical data models with data base administration to make the appropriate changes to the physical data model.
• Confirms that technical architecture will support all changes required by product enhancements.
• Effectively leads product tests and trials.
• Identifies appropriate business examples to illustrate key concepts / features.
• Anticipates, identifies, tracks, and resolves issues and risks affecting own work and work of the Application Team.
• Develops contingency plans as necessary.
• Applies specific expertise to ensure that products meet defined customer objectives.
• Anticipates and resolve issues specific to the team.
• Determines time estimates and schedule for own work and resolve issues in a timely manner.
• Identifies and tracks issues, risks and action items.
• Makes sound recommendations on functional and technical improvements to the product.
• Analyzes the functional and technical impact of product planning decisions.
• Develops appropriate functional and usability standards for products.
• Tracks and document expected volume and type of use of the product.
• Participates in product design reviews to verify that design meets quality standards and functional/technical requirements.
• Performs impact analyses on production fixes and enhancements to establish priorities.
• Provides basic product support and provide accurate and complete answers to detailed product questions in a timely manner.
• Provides effective on-site product support as needed.
• Accurately sets severity of identified defects.
• Provides input to training and / or documentation materials regarding latest technical and functional design changes.
• Documents all work for future reference.
• Reviews the system test approach and conditions used as the basis for detailed test scenarios.
• Follows quality standards.
• Analytical and customer service skills.
• Communicates accurate and useful status updates.
• Able to work in a team environment.
• Completes assigned tasks.
• Strong communication skills; both written and spoken.

MS Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 R2 Experience (environment of 30+ Servers)

Knowledge of Active Directory


Network and Application monitoring and troubleshooting