I am a goal setter. I make goals for everything – travel, business, personal, family. You name it – I have already set a goal or am in the process of making one. A goal could be the same as a bucket list, but personally, I think of them as two completely different things. Setting goals, for me, keeps me motivated and gives me focus. I must have been related …



noun: retreat; an act of moving back or withdrawing.

Moving back? Withdrawing? Not on my watch. For reasons in this blog the word Retreat means “taking a moment to pause with your team to set goals for moving forward”. And that’s just what we’re doing this month.

How many companies require their crew to have a laptop/cell phone ‘banned day’ in order to focus on the future? How …

Cooking With the Competition

Recruiting is a very competitive business. We are constantly striving to place our candidates with the very same customers as our competition and are motivated by this competitive spirit that is in our DNA. Without it, we’d be left in the dust.

I have always found it interesting how competitors fear each other. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. How ridiculous that notion is to me! In the …

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