Keeping Tabs

We have committed ourselves to give back to some wonderful, local organizations in our community. One of them is the Hershey Ronald McDonald house. There is nothing we enjoy more than inviting one of our clients to cook dinner with us at the house while the residents stroll through the kitchen to see what is being created that makes their temporary home smell so good.

One of the ways the …

It’s a New Year and I Just Can’t Contain Myself

There’s nothing better than starting a new year. You get to make up fresh spreadsheets filled with hopeful objectives and glance at a clean, white calendar not yet filled with the scratch marks of cancelled appointments or rescheduled meetings. All of our 2014 folders can go in the closet once we go to Staples and buy new containers. Nothing feels better than being organized and starting out the year with …

Talking Turkey

This time of year gets crazy – no matter what industry you’re in. In our country Thanksgiving is billed as a holiday in which we gather with family and loved ones to enjoy a feast of traditional foods and old fashioned customs. For some people this moment of togetherness is bearable for about the length of the meal – 15 minutes. After the last bite of mashed potatoes and gravy …

Impressions Matter

We’ve all heard it – you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. How true this is both in our personal and professional lives.

I recently attended a seminar on Branding Your Business, taught by an amazing company called Ephyra Group and sponsored by the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania. In summary I learned what’s important is what is said about you when you’re not …


I am a goal setter. I make goals for everything – travel, business, personal, family. You name it – I have already set a goal or am in the process of making one. A goal could be the same as a bucket list, but personally, I think of them as two completely different things. Setting goals, for me, keeps me motivated and gives me focus. I must have been related …



noun: retreat; an act of moving back or withdrawing.

Moving back? Withdrawing? Not on my watch. For reasons in this blog the word Retreat means “taking a moment to pause with your team to set goals for moving forward”. And that’s just what we’re doing this month.

How many companies require their crew to have a laptop/cell phone ‘banned day’ in order to focus on the future? How …

Cooking With the Competition

Recruiting is a very competitive business. We are constantly striving to place our candidates with the very same customers as our competition and are motivated by this competitive spirit that is in our DNA. Without it, we’d be left in the dust.

I have always found it interesting how competitors fear each other. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. How ridiculous that notion is to me! In the …

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