Patti Gesswein


Phone: 717-798-6840

Email: pgesswein@susangconsulting.com

One day I was home minding my own business when Susan Graham called to see if I would like to ‘re-enter’ the workforce (after being a stay at home Mom for 10 years) to recruit for her company. Before anyone could stop me I found myself saying yes. How could I turn down an opportunity to learn all those acronyms again? Surely clients aren’t still trying to solve their Y2K problems?!

Susan and I recruited together back in the 90’s when I was fresh out of Messiah College looking for a promising career. We quickly learned together what we lacked in IT knowledge was made up for with our networking and people skills. Surprisingly, the recruiting world hasn’t changed much since I last worked with JAVA (learning it wasn’t coffee they were talking about) or COBOL (thankfully no airplanes fell out of the sky on January 1, 2000). Even better are the weekly laughs we get when we meet as a team at the SGC office talking about everything BUT recruiting!

I have dusted off my personal book of contacts and am having a great time adding to it, daily. And as far as acronyms go, the only one you need to remember is SGC. Like Susan says…we promise to make this experience fun!