Carolyn Raup

Office Manager

Phone: 717-533-4470

I have known Susan for over 15 years and worked with her when she served on the Board of Directors at the Big 33 Organization.  She and I became fast friends and continued to stay in touch after her term on the Board had expired.

One day out of the blue I got a call from Susan asking me if I’d like to work for her company in an administrative role.  I wasn’t quite sure what SGC was all about, but I knew it had nothing to do with football or host families as I was used to at Big 33!  I decided the timing was right and joined SGC in 2011, right when the company was beginning to really take off.  Before I knew it I was learning acronyms I had never heard of and invoicing clients all over Central Pennsylvania and beyond.  Our little company needed a system, and I’d like to think it runs as a well-oiled machine because of how I am able to organize the ‘behind the scenes’ part of the business.

We may not have football memorabilia decorating our office, but we have pictures of our team and clients cooking at the Ronald McDonald house hanging on our walls.  Instead of giving out mugs with our logo on them as gifts, we hand out colorful rubber cooking spatulas with our name on them.  We are constantly thinking of how to be different – how to stand apart from the others – and SGC is very successful in that regard.

Most of all I love working with all the recruiters during our team meetings.  It is such a happy place where everyone works very hard yet has fun doing it.  I know I am contributing to a company that is going places, and I couldn’t be having more fun!